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Homeowners Insurance in Vero Beach

Vero Beach (32963)
Sample Home Insurance Quotes for Vero Beach, Florida
Dwelling Year Built Premium
230K 1998 $1,251
375K 2003 $1,440
260K 2001 $1,593
440K 2005 $2,591
Vero Beach (Mainland)
Dwelling Year Built Premium
200K 2017 $611
236K 2005 $718
118K 1981 $1,151

Matt Livings, son of former Vero Beach High School football coach Billy Livings, speaks about his father during his Christian Celebration of Life ceremony at Community Church of Vero Beach. View it here.

Our insurance company has deep roots in Vero Beach. Matt Livings has provided home insurance to many Vero Beach residents, his neighbors and friends. The Vero Beach community came together years ago to celebrate Billy Livings, a former football coach and commendable presence here in Vero Beach, and that is why we want to make sure to provide the best service to our local homeowners and clients. While providing more than home and car insurance, we also make our agency part of the community and none more than Vero Beach.

Matt and Billy Livings

Billy and Matt Livings on the field circa ​1983

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