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Online Personal Umbrella Insurance Quotes in Florida

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Many Americans may not understand the importance of umbrella insurance. In our litigious society, accidental harm to another person’s health or property will likely result in legal action against you. Although your auto and homeowners policies cover certain liability issues, umbrella insurance increases your protection against lawsuits. It offers additional coverage for issues that are often excluded from your primary insurance policies.


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    Protection for Everyday Life

    In many cases, you may not even realize what you are legally liable for. If another person suffers damage and sues you, it may turn out that you are responsible. Common issues include pain and suffering, lost income, medical bills and damage to personal property. Accidents are a part of life. However, our reliable umbrella insurance helps protect your assets from lawsuits.

    Trustworthy Plans for Your Peace of Mind

    Your peace of mind is worth researching your options. We understand that every individual is unique. That’s why the friendly, professional team at Livings Insurance works hard to offer you personalized insurance plans. We will listen to your concerns and provide the advice and information you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. We can’t wait to speak with you.

    The Right Coverage When You Need It Most

    When the unexpected happens, you do not want to be left unprepared. We offer umbrella insurance policies that cover everything from serious auto accidents, to dog bites, to your home trampoline and swimming pool. If you have a long commute, drive during rush hour or host guests often, umbrella insurance may be right for you. Let us help you protect your life’s assets against life’s accidents.